Teddy Bear Care: How to look after your Bear

Helium Arts’ Teddy Bear Check Up in partnership with UCD Paediatric Society is coming at the end of April to selected LloydsPharmacies in Dublin.

But what do you do if your bear isn’t well in the meantime?  

Why not put your bear into bed and read a story, or give your bear pretend medicine

or a pretend ice pack! You could make a ‘Get Well Soon’ card to give to your bear!!

Click here for more tips.  Thanks to WikiHow for the great pics!

Step 1.) Tuck Teddy into bed with lots of warm blankets.


Step 2.) Take Teddy’s temperature.

Step 3.) If Teddy has a fever, give him an ice pack to cool him down.


Step 4.)Make Teddy some nice pretend soup. Make sure it isn’t too hot for Teddy!

Most importantly don’t worry, we are here with top tips to keep Teddy happy until the Doctors arrive in LloydsPharmacy in Blackrock Shopping Centre on April 28th and Omni Park Shopping Centre on April 29th.

Helium Arts’ Teddy Bear Check Up is brought to you in partnership with UCD Paediatric Society.