Join Helium Arts’ Superhero Team this Summer!

Let out your inner superhero to support teens living with chronic illness this summer!

This is Lisa. Lisa is Superwoman. Lisa has had cancer twice in her young life. Lisa has told us about how she didn’t feel ‘normal’ at school because she was known as ‘that girl with cancer’. Each morning she would ‘put on a mask’ just to fit in. However, through Helium Arts’ film project, Lisa felt she could be light-hearted, honest and creative working with her peers in the group. She no longer needs to disguise who she is. During Helium’s project, Lisa chose to wear a different mask – the mask of Superwoman.

Join Helium Arts’ Superhero Team!

At Helium Arts, we want all children to be able to use their creative (super)powers to live life to the full. Now YOU can become a superhero, too! Join Helium Arts’ Superhero Team at any of three events this summer. With your help, we can bring artists and sick children together, allowing all sorts of magic to happen!

Already running the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon on 5th June and looking for a charity to support? It’s not too late to join Helium Arts’ Superhero Team! Or join us for the fun and family-friendly Inflatable Colour Runs at 7 different locations around Ireland! These runs are sure to be a great day out for the whole family. Plus, they offer a discounted price if you sign up to support a charity.

**Not interested in running? We’d love to hear from you about other things you’re doing that could raise funds. Knit-a-thons, hikes, bake sales, superhero parties… whatever your superpower is! Contact with your interest.

How to Register

If you’d like to run for Helium Arts, please contact for more information and for your fundraising pack.
Inflatable Colour Runs – on in 7 locations in Ireland this summer!

What You Support

This year, funds go towards our programmes for teenagers in both hospital and community health settings. See here for more information on our programmes.

Your much-needed contribution will allow us to connect teenagers and artists to work together to let their creativity and inner superheroes free!

See Lisa in the trailer above!